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Thanks for dropping in and for showing interest in this novel idea of mixing cutting-edge technology with the simple beauty of mother nature.

SpeakaBoo amplifies and improves the audio quality coming out of an iPhone speaker in an eco- friendly way, using only bamboo, which has the natural ability to resonate sound within its walls.

Each SpeakaBoo is handcrafted from carefully selected stems of bamboo. These vary in length and diameter, and for each SpeakaBoo, a particular dimension is chosen to give it its own sound and character.

SpeakaBoos are designed to allow your iPhone to be charged as well as to access the home button while docked to the unit.

This style has been 'flame treated', where a flame has been carefully applied throughout the bamboo. This dries up any moisture inside the bamboo walls and it further enhances its ability to resonate sounds. It also gives it a darker look. A coat of eco-friendly varnish has also been applied.

These have been specifically designed to fit the iPhone 4/4s.

They are packed in a neat little bag made out of recycled newspaper, produced by a charity employing disadvantaged workers.

Why a SpeakaBoo?

Eco-friendly from 100% sustainable material
Stylish docking station and sound amplifier
Great for hands-free calls and skype
Gives your iPhone 4/4s a natural companion
Flame treated for enhanced acoustic properties
Ideal eco-friendly gift

SpeakaBoo does not include the iPhone or cable.

Please understand that the bamboo skin may have some marks due to the nature of its life experience.

In order to maintain an eco-friendly principle, your SpeakaBoo arrives in a custom cut out box from recycled cardboard.


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I was fortunate enough to learn the art of bamboo from the highly talented Costa Rican and Indonesian craftsmen. I make my crafts in UK and spend a few months of the year studying further bamboo techniques from the real talented local craftsmen around the world.