15 Ways To Upcycle a Bicycle


The more you look at a bicycle, the more incredible it appears. The perfect human-powered form of transportation? We think so. Take the fact that you're using the same amount of calories as walking, but getting around three times as fast - the equivalent of a car doing 1,037 km per litre. At a time of escalating obesity due to lack of exercise in Western society, bicycles offer steady, low-intensity exercise and we're enjoying the fresh air every time we pop to the shops. Bicycles are cheap to manufacture and they fit us beautifully, and as a result, we've built hundreds of millions of them (perhaps as many as a bicycle for every 20 human beings on this planet).

And when our trusty steeds are ready for the scrap-heap? In most cases, they actually aren't - it doesn't take much work to bring a bicycle back to life - but when there's nothing left to do but strip them for parts, that doesn't have to be the end of all the fun. Check out these dazzlingly inventive products upcycled from bicycles that we're proud to feature here at Eco Market! 

bike chain clocks

Here and Far's recycled bike chain clocks - Square and Round.

recycled chain hooks

Here and Far's recycled bike chain hooks: row of wall hooks & chain & cog hook.

bicycle tube wallet

Up Line's Bicycle Tube Billfold; Hr2's Used Tire Belts; Blown Bike Tube Unisex Belt from Reclaimed Wreckage.

rubber shoulder bag

Reclaimed Wreckage's Eco Boston Shoulder Bag & Bike Tube Holly Book Bag, and the Inner Tube Hobo Bag from CocoaPetals.

inner tube earrings

Up Line's Inner Tube Earrings - (1), (2) and (3); the Green Ring Pull Charm Necklace (with bicycle inner tube eyelets) from Tinkan Designs.

Check out all these products in one place on this Love List.

BONUS: a huge round of applause for the amazing recycled bike-part machines of the Maya Pedal Asociación

Images: gfpeck and ClickFlashPhotos / Nicki Varkevisser


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