Can a Can become Beautiful Jewellery? It sure can.

can jewellery

These days, with the upcycling skills that are out there, it seems that nothing can't be turned into re-thought, re-shaped and re-made into something else. Take these 'cangles' for instance. They are beautiful upcycled jewellery cuffs made from old aluminium cans.

Cangles Red Bull upcycled jewellery bracelet

Made by Shannon Rose in Michigan, USA, Cangles is a family business that is hot on upcycling. They take old aluminium cans and with a splash of artistic talent they upcycle them into all sorts of wonderful jewellery - bracelets, hair clips, earrings and necklaces.

Not only are they unusual but each piece is completely unique. So even if you do spot someone else wearing a Cangles cuff made from an old Coke Cola can, it will never look exactly the same as yours.

As well as straight cuffs, Shannon has designed a couple of stunning flower cuffs to add that extra dollop of cute to your wrist-wear.

Cangles uses lots of different brands of can to create lots of different looks. And you can either pick a ready made design from their cangles stall and even order your jewellery to be made exactly how you want it. Shannon can whip up her designs from any can to suit your taste. So whether you want a certain brand, a particular colour or even a specific company design that you love the most then it's no problem, Shannon can do it for you. You can even order matching items so your earrings match your necklace. 

cangles upcycled jewellery

As well as choosing your can, these cuffs are made to size order too - petite, small and medium. They have some sizing guidelines on each product to help you decide or you can drop her a message from her stall if you get in a complete muddle with your tape measure.

The cuffs are light and fit comfortably around your wrists. They might be made from old cans but you wont find any sharp bits or rough edges on these bracelets. 

If you're after something eye-catching, something a bit different, something that ticks all the green boxes and something lovingly and skilfully home-made then you wont be disappointed.  

Main Image: Geoff


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