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natural stress reliefStarting a new job, going on a first date, talking in a meeting, taking an exam - these things are pretty stressful and can make you stutter, stammer, sweat and squirm. And while we can't make you feel completely relaxed, we can help you feeler a little calmer, naturally, with all sorts of natural herbs and spices. And many of them come in tea form for handy and delicious cures.

Chamomile is an obvious starting point. Not only does it help with the feelings on anxiety in your mind but also the more physical symptoms in your stomach - the gurgling, the flipping, the loss of appetite.

Fennel is another option. Although it's not specifically used for treated stress, fennel can help with a lot of the common physical symptoms like digestion and coughing. It's also a mild pain reliever, a diuretic and an antispasmodic (suppresses drug spasms). Try this organic fennel liquorice tea to sip your way to tranquillity.

But if ingesting these concoctions really isn't your cup of fennel tea then there are some other natural remedies that don't need to be swallowed. We have several sprays on our virtual marketplace that can help you to stay relaxed. Calm by Manutuke Herbs does exactly what it says on the...urm...spray, So Balanced Breathe by Solay is a 100% vegan and Clear Away Essential spray from Opus Gaia is an easy to use remedy for everyday stressful situations.

And if you dont want to drink or spray your herbs then try sticking them in the microwave instead. These Anti-Stress Therapy Packs are the perfect way to warm yourself calm.

Take a few deep breaths, slurp a bit of chamomile tea and reeelaaax. 

For some more natural ways to keep calm, check out my Love List of gloriously relaxing products.

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