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 fairtrade coffee

A Sunday morning wouldn't be complete without the rich, sensual smell of coffee brewing and the crackle of a newspaper. And this organic Fairtrade coffee from Oromo Coffee Company will make your Sunday morning more enjoyable than ever.

Some people like coffee and some people love coffee. And if you belong in the latter category, you really need to try this stuff. It's called Oromo Harar Fairtrade coffee and comes in either ground or whole bean form, whichever you prefer. It comes from the birthplace of coffee itself, Ethiopia. More specifically it comes from the Eastern Harar region, giving the coffee its name.

Coffee made with love

Packs of delicious, fairtrade goodness

Suitable for cafetieres, filters and percolators, Oromo Harar is strength 4 - strong but not overpoweringly so - and has a full bodied, smooth, chocolatey taste. The beans are left to dry in the sun giving it a fresh tang complimented by blueberry aromas.

And if all that sounds like a lot of technical and linguistic confusion then let me just say this: it tastes incredible. In fact I'll bestow upon it the highest accolade I can think of: it tastes like coffee smells - which, as everyone knows, is delicious.

And to make the deal even sweeter, this coffee also has a whole background of great, green credentials to make that morning cup of joe as good to others as it is to you.

Oromo Ethiopian coffee

Coffee checking for complete perfection

Oromo Coffee Company works with the Ethiopian coffee growers in the Oromia region and support the farmers both now and in the future. They are working together to ensure that fair practices and pay is available to each grower. Knowing the business as well as knowing their beans means they will be able to provide for their families for many, many years to come.

With each pack of coffee that you buy from Oromo, you're ensuring a good price for the smallholder farmers in the Oromo Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union in Ethiopia.

Oromo Coffee Growers

Now how's that for a good-in-every-sense cup of coffee?

Main Image: Olivier Bacquet


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