How To Throw The Perfect Natural Baby Shower


natural baby shower

A baby shower is a great excuse for a party, albeit a tame one. It's the perfect time to spoil the mum-to-be before the baby pops out and all the attention is on them. It's an American thing and fairly new to our shores so we've got a few helpful suggestions as to what makes a brilliant baby shower.

For the baby
It's actually a great way of helping out the new family in terms of buying all the things that babies need - nappies, clothes, a cot. They might be small little things, but babies are expensive. Buying a big pack of organic nappies is ever so useful. Adorable organic baby clothes for his or her first few months (buying clothes for 6months plus is always a good idea, even if the larger clothes aren't quite as face-smooshingly-adorable) and even a cot are also great ideas. We have some fabulous natural cots made from FSC wood and organic materials to ensure that the little one has a natural, healthy nights sleep. 

For the mum
It's all too easy to get caught up in buying teeny tiny socks (oh my god they're so small I just want to put them in my mouth) but presents for the mummy will be gratefully received. We recommend anything that will make them feel good about themselves - this essentials kit from Groovy Mama is a gorgeous gift and this Labour and Birth Kit is just beautiful. This soft and comfy organic cotton dressing gown will go down a treat too. The best gift I've seen at a baby shower was a voucher for a free meal at a local restaurant plus some child care thrown in too. A couple of months after the baby was born, this was eagerly redeemed.

For the party
So that's presents sorted. But let's not forget that the actual baby shower needs to be organised too. Create the right atmosphere with some recycled bunting, a few natural candles and plenty of cupcakes and delicious soft drinks. Try and steer the conversation away from the 'oh my god how is it going to fit out of there' and you're all set for a perfect baby shower.

Check out my Love List for lots more inspiration on baby shower gifts.

Main Image: Petras Gagilas


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