How To Make A Reusable Sandwich Wrap

homemade sandwich wrap

I don't know about you but I hate carrying around chunky lunch boxes all day and washing out plastic food bags just leaves my kitchen full of never-quite-dry bags hanging from door handles and draped over wooden spoons. What I really need is a reusable sandwich wrap that is easy to wash and takes up no room in my bag.

Oh, hello, I just made one.

If you want your own reusable sandwich wrap then listen up. Here is my step by step guide to making one. And it's so easy you could do it with your eyes closes (although I don't recommend it).

What you'll need:

A large plastic zip lock food bag

A square of material that is roughly 25cm x 25cm

No more than 10cm of velcro

Needle and thread/sewing machine


Reusable sandwich wrap materials Bits you need for your reusable sandwich wrap

First things first, cut the ziplock bit off the top of the plastic bag. Then cut out a square that is 25cm x 25cm. My bag was exactly this size, which was nice and handy.

Plastic and fabric for reusable sandwich wrap Your two pieces of material: the fabric and the plastic

Pin this to your 25cm x 25cm bit of material with the right sides facing each other (note: there is no right side to a sheet of plastic). Then using a sewing machine or good old fashioned needle and thread, sew around all four sides leaving a gap of about 8cm on the last side.

sewing your reusable sandwich wrap Stitch stitch stitch

Use this gap to turn the material inside out. Your fabric should now be facing the right way up with all the seams tucked away neatly inside.

Gap on one edge to turn inside out The gap for turning inside out

Neatly fold and sew the gap together, leaving you with a fully sewn up square of material. I then sewed around the edge in zig-zig stitch to keep the wrap flat. And also because I love zig-zag stitch.

Cut your velcro into two 4cm pieces. You should have two strips with the hooks (the sharper side) and two with the loops (the softer side) that make up little two pairs.

Simply line these up in the corners so that when you fold the material the two sides meet up. Both the loops will be on one side of the square and the hooks will be on the others. Like this.

Reusable sandwich wrap velcro corners The velcro corners 

Sew these into place and you've just made a reusable sandwich wrap. Wasn't that simple? Now you just need to make the sandwich.

finished reusable sandwich wrap

Ta da! Your finished reusable sandwich wrap 

The size can be changed depending on your preferred sandwich size. And the zip lock bag can also be replaced with an old vinyl tablecloth or similar. I used the bag as I knew it was food safe (which some vinyls aren't) and because I already had some in my kitchen. Bonus. 

My friend showed me how to make these years ago and at the time I fretted about the durability of the plastic. However let me assure you that after a year of almost daily use, her homemade sandwich wrap is still going strong.

To clean it just wipe it with a damp cloth. If it gets really dirty then you can either hand wash it or put it in the washing machine on a cool wash. It does survive but will definitely shorten the lifespan if it's constantly being machine washed.

Right, it's sandwich time.  

If you dont feel quite up to making your own reusable snack wrap the is a stylish collection for sale on Eco Market by Eco Snack Wrap.


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