Plant a Seed This Spring


March and April are well known in many parts of the world amongst the more green fingered types as being prime time for sowing seeds for spring and the summer.

Whether you're a seasoned veg growing champion or one of those who has always liked the idea of growing their own veg but never can quite find the time (we have your number, sonny!), I've put together a little lovelist that has you covered.
You can see the full love list called growing your organic garden from seed or see some of the highlights below...
When you walk around a typical garden centre it's hard not to cringe at how much they're charging for seed and germnation containers. With a bit of creativity, you can not only save a fortune but also a little of the planet by using recycled materials to make your own seed pots. This paper-potter is a great little gadget that turns your old newspapers into seed pots. Tip: if you have sensitive seeds that need more warmth as they germinate, just put some cling film over the top and poke some holes in the top. They'll grow so quickly that youll be givng jack and his beanstalk a run for their money!
If you're feeling a bit less creative and like me have weak spot for gadgets that make you say 'whoaaa', then this little self watering herb pot by Green Sense will be right up your street. The clever technology in these pots reduces the evaporation rate compared with your normal 'old skool' types and the condensed water vapour it stores up back to the reservoir. It's official, we're in the future.
Selt Watering Herb Pot
Vegin' Out Vegetable Seed Kit by Humble Seed
What good is growing your own organic veg from seeds without, er, the organic seeds. This cute little pack boasts 11 different varieries of vegetable, and here's the deal clincher, theyre all non-hybrid, organic and not genetically modified in any way so you don't have so worry about growing a second head after consumption. Amongst the pack are organic tomatos, organic cucumbers, organic salad and so many other organic goodies that youll be producing masterchef quality food in no time.
organic vegetable seeds
If its more seeds you are after, be sure to take a peek at our organic seed category!
Main Image: Ray Smith.


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