6 Simple Games You Can Make From Your Recycling


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It's half term this week and the summer holidays are looming ever closer. The kids need something to do, and fast. And luckily all it takes is a rummage in the recycling bin to give them something fun to do. We've got 6 craft projects that your kids (and your bank balance) will love.

tin can telephone homemade childrens toy

1. Tin can telephone
The old favourite. Wash out two tin cans (that ideally have been opened with a smooth edge tin can opener to avoid any sharp edges. Although covering the edge with bluetac/tape is good too) and use a nail and hammer to make a hole in the bottom. Tie a long bit of string between the two (with the knot on the inside of the can) and start talking.

homemade childrens toy stilts

2. Tin CanStilts
Sticking with cans for the moment, they also make great stilts. Larger tins are best (or smaller children). Again, use a nail and hammer to make two holes on the bottom edge and try a loop of string through for your kids to hold on to. The decoration is then all down to your kids.

toilet roll owls childrens homemade toy

3. Toilet Roll Owls
Empty toilet roll tubes make great owls. Simple push two edges together at one end to make the ears and then grab a pen and start colouring. You can even hang them up afterwards with some string.

4. Plastic Bottle Bowling
If you happen to have a couple of plastic bottles in your recycling (from those days when you've forgotten your reusable water bottle) then collect them up to make your own bowling set. Kids can decorate the outside however they like (although a fun way is to squirt a bit of paint inside, screw the lid on tight and then get your kids to shake it until the inside is completely coated) and when they're done, line them up and use a light football as your ball. Striiiiiike!

Bottle cap memory game homemade children toy

5. Bottle Cap Memory Game
You'll need quite a collection of identical bottle caps for this game. Inside each one stick a bit of paper with a number on. Use each number twice and then lay them out neatly. You turn over two each go and the aim of the game is to pick two of the same. When you've picked a pair, take them out the game and keep on going. The person with the most pairs at the end wins.

tin can drum homemade childrens toy

6. Tin Can Drums
The kids favourite. A drum. Made from a tin can and a balloon. You can add some stale rice into the mix too if you're looking for a really bad headache. Add a handfull of rice or lentils to your empty can. Cut the end off the balloon and then stretch this over the top of your can. Secure it in place with an elastic band. Hand your kid some chop sticks and pop in your ear plugs. 

When looking for crafts projects and simple toys, always go to your recycling bin first. With a little bit of imagination, you can make hundreds of things, all for free. Perfect.

Images: MadeByJoel, themudpiemakers, Minieco and Kevin Dooley.


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