Packing the Perfect Picnic



Now that the sun has finally shown it's face and we can actually start to believe that winter is almost over and spring is about to get sprung, it means we can start to get excited about all the things that spring brings. 

Relegating the coat to the back of the wardrobe.

Fewer hearty stews and a few more salads (or ice creams).

Longer evenings.

And most importantly, the beginning of the picnic season.

If there is anything that the British are good at, besides queuing and royal weddings, it's a picnic. From the tartan  blanket to the pasta salads to the Grandma snoozing in a deckchair, we have these events well and truly covered. 

If you want the best, sustainable and organic picnic, then here's what you need:

A blanket: Something waterproof on one side and cosy on the other. Ones that wrap themselves up into a carrying case are the dream but any blanket will do.

A basket: A place to pack the Tupperware’s of salads, sandwiches and strawberries, the bottles of lemonade and all the plates.

fair trade picnic hamper basket

Plates and bowls: Speaking of plates, reusable or biodegradable ones are perfect picnic crockery. We especially like these ones made from leaves.

natural picnic sets

Cutlery: Picnics have come a long way from the days of finger food. Forks will be needed for that beetroot and carrot salad and a knife is always handy for slicing up that Victoria sponge.

A windbreakLet's not get carried away, we are still in Britain after all. It might be sunny now but we've got a whole day's worth of weather ahead of us,

The foodAnything goes these days. But you can't have a proper picnic without a cheese sandwich, a bottle of pop and some potato salad. Fresh fruit is always delicious, hummus and pita is a definite winner, a tub of olives never goes amiss and for the meat eaters, some cold chicken will complete the day.

Games: A football, a Frisbee, a swing set. They'll be some people at the picnic who aren't content to just lie back on the glass and soak up the sun. Keep them preoccupied with a game. Just make sure they play it far enough away that you don't get rudely awoke from your sunny snooze with a football to the face.

Natural sun screen: What? Let's be positive about this. 

And a modern addition to the perfect picnic, a solar charger - in case your iPhone dies mid-Google-search of 'will it rain today?' Although you know what they say, ignorance is bliss.

Main Image: Steven Depolo


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