It's Party Time!

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Everyone likes a party. And if you've decided to let your friends get drunk in your home then let Eco Market help you with a few of the finer details. We can't stop your friends throwing up behind the sofa or smashing your favourite glasses, but we can make it beautiful, less stressful and eco friendly.

Nobody wants to wake up with a dry mouth, a spinning head and a sink full of dirty dishes. And these days, throw away plates aren't the environmental faux pas they used to be. Plates and cutlery made from recycled and waste products mean that virgin materials aren't used. Pick compostable or biodegradable and then forget the washing up, you just need to stick them in the compost bin.

No (adult) party is complete with alcohol. But if you want your party to be fuzzy head and shoulders above the rest, try taking this cocktail and mixology course before the big night. Your guests will be blown away. And drunk. Very, very drunk.

organic nuts

Snack it up. Organic nuts, home-baked crisps (well...) and a selection of dips will keep everyone happy.

FairTrade balloons. Obvs.

Everyone likes a bit of decoration. Something to make your living room look a bit more exciting than when your mates came round to watch X Factor last weekend. Pin up some bunting, hang up some paper lanterns and light a few natural candles. Et voilà, instant transformation.

Uncork the wine, put on your glad rags and turn up the music. It's party time!

P.S. Have a look through my party Love List for some more tips and ideas.



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