An Eggcellent Eco Easter

Eco friendly easter

A couple of days off work and school, a basketful of chocolate eggs and perhaps an adorable bunny or two hopping around. It can only mean one thing.

Easter is here.

If you're stuck for what to do then help is at hand. We've got all the bases covered. We'll start with the important bit. 

You can't celebrate Easter without a chocolate egg or seven. This bag of mini Fair Trade chocolate eggs means you can eats lots of eggs with less of the guilt. Perfect.

Organic hot cross buns easter

Hot cross buns, toasted and slathered in butter are a close second to chocolate eggs. Here's our simple recipe to make your own organic Easter buns. And you can buy most of the ingredients right here on Eco Market. 

Give your home an Easter style with these gorgeous Kenyan carved soap-stone eggs. They come in five gorgeous colours and will still look great when Easter is long gone.

Egg hunt
Everyone's favourite Easter tradition, the egg hunt. Hard boil some eggs, decorate them with paint, glitter and anything else you fancy and then hide them around the house/garden/pub. Shout 'GO!' and the person with the most eggs at the end is the winner. This hand-made straw basket is just perfect for collecting eggs in. 

Vegan face paints easter

Face Painting
Small kids and big kids all love face painting. Go for something themed like a bunny or a chick. Or something less Easter-y, like a pirate or a dinosaur. These vegan face paints are great for all ages.

Something fluffy
If your child is too young, too hyper or too full of chocolate already to eat chocolate then this sweet, fluffy bunny made from organic white Shetland wool, stuffed with organic fleece stuffing and handknitted to ensure maximum cuteness will make this Easter extra special. 

Stay warm, eat lots of chocolate and have an excellent Easter.


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