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According to my Facebook feed, now is the time to get engaged. And many (many, many) of my friends are obliging. Photos of glittering rings and beaming smiles are popping up every day. I'm not the romantic type but it's even got me thinking about that Big Day. Whether you're planning your wedding for this summer, the next summer or, like me, just a summer, then join me in lusting after some of these beautiful eco wedding products. Cue sighing daydreams.

Organic cotton wedding dresse

Organic Dress
Simple, elegant, hand made and made from 100% organic cotton. How could I not look gorgeous in one of these organic dresses?

A Fair Trade ring
Simple and beautiful. This lovely ring from Cred Jewellery is made from Oro Verde fair trade gold or platinum.

Plantable Wedding Invites
Something a bit crafty to satisfy my arty side. And something a bit planty to satisfy my green fingered side. These plantable wedding invites are perfect. And the flowers that grow will remind our guests of the lovely day we all had together.

biodegradable confetti eco wedding

Biodegradable Confetti
Do I want plantable heart shaped wildflower confetti or real petals in these adorable cones packed in a handmade willow basket? Oh, can I have them both? Please.Something Pretty
No one really needs a heart sculpture made from  driftwood. But why let that stop you? 

The Memorabilia
You'll probably remember the big day without needing a beautifully engraved wine bottle. But why take the chance?

You can't have a eco wedding without some organic wine. So buy it by the crateload.

Wedding favour organic chillies

Wedding Favours
A pack of organic hot chilli seeds will get our guests growing their own and packing their food with homegrown heat. You know what they say, red hot chillies are the colour of love.

Some heavenly organic aromatherapy massage oils for a relaxing night before the big day. Forget the flowers, the cake and the whole walking down the aisle with everyone you know staring at you thing. Breathe. Relax. Stay calm.

Look your best
Add to the massage a natural face mask and you'll be glowing and gorgeous the whole day.

Right, that's the planning done.

Now I just need to persuade someone to marry me.

Main Image: Tela Chhe.


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